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Doctrinal Statement

1.  We believe the Bible not only contains the Word of God but is the Word of God. We believe it is a finished book and is without error.  
We believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. 

2.  We believe in God, The Father,  God The Son,  and God the Holy Spirit. 

3.  We believe Jesus Christ took upon himself a human body,  by a virgin birth.  We believe he lived a sinless life and willingly gave his life as a payment for sin. 

4.  We believe we can have eternal life by Faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ apart from any works we may do. 

5.  We  believe The Church is made up of believers from Pentecost until the Rapture.  Believers are baptized into Jesus Christ the body of Christ and Christ himself is the head of that body. 

6.  We believe the Church is to reach out to the entire world with the Message Of Jesus Christ. 

7.  We believe all Christians should live Holy and Separated lives by yielding to the Holy Spirit. 

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New Zion Church
New Zion Church